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17 December 2024 @ 11:08 pm

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29 December 2009 @ 11:00 am
So it's this time, the year 2009 is coming to and end. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and that is the truth. There have been numerous ups and downs but I somehow managed to survive it all. There have been celebrity deaths, moving to a new house, work issues, and things to just drive me up the wall. But there has also been the positives. I was able to witness history in the making (a black president). I made new friends, met amazing talented artists, and turned 21! Also, in the world of Entertainment, I was introduced to two new television shows and fell in love watching them. I followed an artist through his journey and now can not get away from him and everything he does. I found two new book series to read and become addicted to, making me want more and more. I watched what is probably going to be the most EPIC movie of the year about a civilization that I hope exists out there in the future. Hey, a girl can dream right? :) So let me begin.

EPIC POST OF 2009Collapse )
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28 December 2009 @ 03:11 pm


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28 April 2009 @ 09:56 pm

THERE IT IS! Be amazed.
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19 April 2009 @ 06:49 pm
Stolen from pixisticks 

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc.
2. Have your f-list guess your favourite character/person from each item.

1. alice nine. Shou (like that was so hard) godofrisingsun 
2. Kingdom Hearts Axel godofrisingsun 
3. KAT-TUN Kame godofrisingsun 
4. Kuroshitsuji Ciel dearyourstruly 
5. Gundam SEED/Destiny Asuran dearyourstruly 
6. American Idol (season 8) Adam Lambert godofrisingsun & musicchic121 
7. Junjou Romantica Shinobu dearyourstruly 
8. Gravitaion Ryuichi chirorichan 
9. Queer As Folk Brian musicchic121 
10. SID Mao dearyourstruly 
11. Twilight Jacob Black godofrisingsun 
12. CSI: NY  Adam chirorichan 
13. Heroes Mohinder chirorichan 
14. the Gazette Uruha godofrisingsun 
15. Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow musicchic121 
16. Fruits Basket  Kyo dearyourstruly 
17. Gentleman's Alliance  Maguri chirorichan 
18. Bones (there are two for this one) Zack & Temprance (Bones) musicchic121  & chirorichan 
19. CSI: Greg chirorichan 
20. Card Captor Sakura Syaoran godofrisingsun 

Whoo~ let's see who gets this. ;D

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11 December 2008 @ 02:25 pm
Okay, I really did have a fun time. As I type this I can't move my neck and my voice is back, but it still hurts to talk. My ears are not ringing THAT much surprisingly. At least...I don't think they are ringing. I don't know. This show was at the House of Blues in West Hollywood and I had loads of fun! Rachel and I left from her school straight to the venue. We arrived there at...*thinks* What, maybe 1:30? I think it was 1:30. Anyway...the line was not long. Like at all. In fact, we were pretty darn close to the front. We sat down and Rachel introduced herself right away to the three girls in front of us. Their name were Amelia, Amanda, and Michelle. Amelia was working on knitting a scarf for Tatsurou, how cute. :3 We then ended up moving us further which confused us a bit...people were just like leaving the line and we were all "Wtf?" So we moved up and noticed they were lined up at the door for the Music Hall (which was just like ten feet away from the GA line).

So we asked what was up and apparently it was for people who paid $50 on merchandise...they get to go ahead of the people that don't. So we were just like "Oh...okay." And we really didn't want to spend that much since it wasn't that big of a deal to us. I mean, I like MUCC, but not so much I'd paid extra just to get a few spots ahead in line. Perhaps for alice nine. I'd do it. Hell, I WOULD do it. xP

We then made friends with two more girls and a guy in front of us; Traci, Spoon (don't ask), and Jordan. Jordan is the boy and I believe Rachel said he introduced himself like this; "Hi, I'm Jordan. I'm gay." XDD That is priceless, dammit. He was really cute too! He kept making me laugh, that was for sure...Spoon too. She was a riot. We also talked about JE...because most of them were JE fans. Which was weird. It's WEIRD talking about Arashi and stuff at a MUCC concert, it IS. XDD

We had lots of times we'd take bathroom breaks. I went with Jordan. As we were walking through the restaurant part of the venue, we would hear these weird sounds like "Ahhhh" or "mwuaaaaa" and just random stuff. It was really weird. When I was in the restroom I then heard some rifts of the guitar playing...and then the backtrack for Anjelier. I started freaking out. I finished and walked out, glancing over down into the music hall and saw them rehearsing. I just smiled all happily before walking out.

I told everyone and then they took bathroom breaks too, lmao. It was funny. I took another bathroom break later in the night and they were rehearsing FUZZ which just made me so fucking excited. But anyway, about two hours before the show Jordan kept looking at his phone to check the time and everytime he looked four minutes had passed. So he'd just go "Guessss what guys?" "What?" "It's been four minutes! :D" XDD Too funny. And he's easily amused. Finally, time was starting to wind down...and I can't remember how, but the "pay extra to get in first fans" came up in our conversation and this girl that was ahead of Spoon and Tracy was all, "I only have one band I'd do that for; alice nine."

And then Rachel and I perked. alice nine., what? lol. So we talked with her and she's a clubALICE member! She showed us her membership card and everything. It was amazing. It really makes me wish I had the money to pay for that membership. It really does. We talked about the band some more and it turns out she's a huge Tora fan and her friend with her is a Shou fan! Yay! <3 They were really nice...talking about arisu made the time go by faster (of course) because before we knew it, it was time to go in! We were check and stuff before going into the place. The venue was really nice! Small, but nice.

Not going to say much about the opening band because I really did not care for them at all. By the time MUCC came on it was pass 9pm. We all cheered "Muku! Muku!" until they started coming out. Oh yeah, I was one person behind the front bar. The stage was like three feet away. Really really close. If they actually had REACHED out their hands we could probably touch them. Lol. Now I'm rusty with the setlist, but I'll give ya what I remember in no particular order;

Fukuro no yurikago
Nuritsubusunara enji
Chiisana mado

...and lots lots of others. I really just can not remember their names. I'm drawing a blank. I could sing them to you if I were able lol. During FUZZ, everyone JUMPED in comeplete synch. We were all moving at once and so close together my pants started falling down. I had to pull them up quickly when we stopped...lol. Which was hard beacuse, like I said, we were squished. During the chorus, everyone in the audience would do the "OH WOW OH!!" part and it would echo throughout the whole place. FUCKING EPIC. EPIC. I loved that performance...so much fun.

My other favorite was Chiisana mado. During this performance we only cheered in the beginning when we knew what it was. Then, no hands were in the air. No one sang along. We just mouthed along and watched in silence as they performed it. It was truly fucking gorgeous. It was so beautiful I felt like I wanted to cry. But I didn't. Tatsurou had so much emotion and his vibrato was...oh my god. There are no words. None. His vocals are pure win. <3

I can't remember the name of the song...I don't think I even knew it much. But during this one performance he tried to make us all sit down. But then he wanted us to jump up which proved to be difficult. So we all crouched and then jumped, lol. I did do lots of headbanging throughout this show...there were many opportunities. ;DD It was so much fun! TATSUROU'S ENGLISH IMPROVED TOO! When he did his MC, he talked in very clear English. What I remember most was when he said;

"Are you guys having fun?"




"Hounto ni?"


That was too cute. I loved it. The whole lot of them seemed to be having fun as well. It was a great live and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I had lots of fun. =) If they are to come again I would not hesitate in seeing them. ^_^

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04 July 2008 @ 06:59 pm
Well good evening and happy fourth of July to those in America! =)

I'm here to show pics of my cake making process from this morning. It was lots of fun. I've already had some, lol. It was really good...heehee. So first here is what I used today! =)
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27 May 2008 @ 03:22 pm
Yes, there is a seprate post for pictures! D< I hope you guys enjoy them. They are in no particular order since they uploaded all weird. Here we go, ne? :3

Ticket line 

Taiko drummers!

The decorated envelope with Tora-shi's gift inside. 

We will now commence towards cosplayers. First to be shown is this pwness Bleach group! I loved all their poses. The Hitsugaya dude is awesome. Next, I found some girls cosplaying the many forms of Yuna, Paine, and Rikku from X-2. I just thought they did a great job, so props to them. Of course, the huge Kingdom Hearts fan that I am just had to get as many KH cosplayers as possible. Here we find Demyx and Roxas hanging out. Then, we found the entire KH cast! They even included Donald. o__o;; I managed to find CLAMP characters. In case you don't know, they are from Magic Knight Rayearth. :3 Close after them, we found some Moonies. My two favorite scouts too. xD 

I then began to stalk Naruto & Sasuke. I was closing in on them. 


On Sunday, while sitting at the benches to wait for AnCafe, some night class students found us. Boy, they were hot. ;D They then dragged along Sweeny Todd with them. And then soon, Belle found us. It was rather odd. I totally blame it on box man.

When I went into the convention really quick, we found three lost members of AnCafe! How dare them wander around. I bet it was her fault. She put a trance on them! xP Nah, in the end, it all comes back to Lolita girls.

To end it off, NYAPPY EVERYONE!


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27 May 2008 @ 02:55 pm
Okay, I know I haven't put Miyavi up yet, but! His is done, just not typed out. xD
This one is at least typed out. I hope you all enjoy!

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12 May 2008 @ 11:17 am
So this morning, I cleaned my room!
I still need to vacuum but I'll do that later.
I took pictures since my room is finally clean! 8D;;

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